Unveiling the Kwahu-Twenerasi Mystical Cave

Aside the wonderful landscape and stunning Easter festivals, what a great many people do not appear to think about Kwahu is the reality of having one of the oldest caves in the country – the Twenerasi Mystical Cave at Twenerasi and the Kwahu Canopy walkway in the Kwahu South district.

Gaining quite popular amongst tourists and visitors to the annual Kwahu Easter celebrations, publicity on this cave has been disregarded, as it is barely known by most people within the country except the indigenes of Obo and its encompassing villages.

Journeying to the cave in itself is an experience that would get you thrilled along with its mountain hill climbing challenge that adds more fun to the expedition.

The cave’s structure is such that, one may have to meander his/her way through it in order to be able to have the adventure of a lifetime. Slithering, twisting and bending on the belly as in military drills are some of the acrobatic skills that would have to be displayed to view every hook and cranny of the mystical cavern.  Hidden in the darkness of the Twenerasi Mystical Cave is a rock formation of a speleothems droop on the ceilings like icicles, with Stalagmites on the cave floors and some creatures that have made their dwellings within the cave. For those that may be Claustrophobic, the Kwahu Twenerasi Mystical Cave would not be a place to gamble but the canopy walkway would be a sure place for the fun aside the few chills it might send down the spine.

Do not miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to take an adventure in Kwahu when you visit. Check out these pictures from Kwahu’s Mystical Carven and canopy walkway.

Kwahu Canopy Walkwaycanopy walkwayKwahu canopy walkwayCanopy WalkwayKwahu twerenasi Mystical Cavetwenerasi mystical cave

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