Beauty meets style at Kwahu Easter 2018

It was splendour to behold multitudes of people from all spheres of life converge on top of the Kwahu mountains to celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The Kwahu Easter celebrate, has been a life long merry making and joyous event for the people of Kwahu and its environs. The chiefs and people of the area adorn themselves in their best of clothes and hold mini carnivals along the principal streets of the mountaneous towns.

This year’s celebration was however not any different as all hotel rooms had been filled with guests who have travelled from the lengths and breadths of Ghana to celebrate the joyous occasion. Kinds were not left out as many of them just like the previous years took to the streets dancing to melodious tunes from companies that sought to use the occasion to advertise their wares.

Characteristic of any Kwahu Easter celebration, there were various acts of drama depicting the story of salvation onto mankind in the town of Abetifi and a dance procession by masqueraders and lovely traditional cultural display  from the Northern part of the country; signifying unity in diversity in Mpraeso. Celebrating Kwahu Easter without the usual street jams of Obo and Obomeng townships is a no Easter at all. Various high profiled artists turned up the lights and threw the streets in bliss as fans scream to their songs in unison in the late hours of the night, partying till morning.

To some, Easter is a season for reflection on the message of salvation for mankind. But to others, it is a time to take a break from the stress and E N J O Y. From the team at E N J O Y Accra, we wish our fans a lovely Easter break.

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