Meet Ashok Bharwani, the Man Who Simply loves to Enjoy

It’s a usual day in East Legon. The day has been normal until I heard an interesting thing about a man we at Enjoy online were preparing to have an interview with.

Ashok Bharwani was having a pre-birthday party.

It wasn’t a very shocking news actually even though I had thought of ceremonies that had ‘pres’ as weddings and other public occasions. What amazed me was how grand it was.

But the man whose birthday would be a 3-day yacht party from London to Paris wouldn’t just have an ordinary party.

He simply loves to enjoy life. The following photos of him sums up everything about him that tells you, he is actually “a shock”.

So, just look forward to our interview with him. I’m pretty sure you’d love it.

Photos from the pre-birthday party
AB with guests at the pre-birthday party
Ashok with a guest at the party




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