Ladies, These 5 Natural Tips Can Make Your Hair Thicker and Stronger

Long, thick hair is considered by many to be a sign of beauty and youth, but not everyone is lucky enough to have it. Thinning hair is quite a common problem and it can be brought on by many factors, including diet, pollution and rough handling of your hair. The good news though, is that you can take positive steps to improve the thickness of your hair and here are ten tips on how to make your hair thicker and fuller naturally:

1. Use natural hair products

Most commercial conditioners and shampoos, especially the cheaper brands, contain harsh chemicals and detergents, which can dry out and damage your hair. When shopping for hair products, always try and choose the ones that contain natural ingredients and are sulphate free.

2. Eat healthy food

Another tip on how to make your hair thicker and fuller naturally is to adjust your diet. Your diet also has an important part to play in the health of your hair. To help promote hair growth eat high protein foods and foods that contain zinc, vitamins B, C, D, and E. Increase your consumption of foods like seeds, nuts, vegetables and eat more protein rich food, such as poultry and dairy products.[ads1]

3. Avoid using hot tools

The heat from blow dryers and flat irons can dry out your hair, and make it brittle, which will lead to more hair loss. So our next tip on how to make your hair thicker and fuller naturally is to avoid using tools that use heat or, turn the temperature setting down low.

4. Hot oil massage

Here is another great tip on how to make your hair thicker and fuller naturally: warm some natural oil like olive or coconut oil (but make sure it’s not too hot and comfortable to touch), and then massage it into your hair and scalp. The massaging will help to improve the blood supply to your follicles and the natural oil will moisturise and nourish your hair.

5. Eggs

How to make your hair thicker and fuller naturally? Use Eggs! One of the quickest ways to thicken your hair is to provide it with more protein. That means that one of the best treatments for hair is an egg. Yes, it’s not just a myth! Applying, one or two, beaten eggs to your hair and leaving it for around twenty minutes really will nourish and thicken your hair. Do this, twice a week and combine it with hot oil treatment, once a week, and you will start to see the difference.

Now, get into that washroom and come out with a nice shiny and thick her that I will pay a million for but don’t forget I gave you these tips.


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