How To Instill Good Manners In Your Child

Parents see good manners and etiquette as important when raising a child and rightly so. Polite, considerate and appropriate social responses make people desirable colleagues and companions.

Children are not born with social niceties and etiquette, thus it is important that we give it great importance always, even as young as six months old , when they start to become aware of people outside their family circle. If you do not give it a priority, they will not either. There are a few things to keep in mind when beginning this part of your child’s education.

At eight months old they become aware of both humans and objects in their environment and begin to observe these things very closely. Therefore, taking them out with you to occasions, shopping, to baby groups and so on is essential. Allow them to be in a hip sling, so they can observe as you interact politely with those you encounter. It is so cute to watch them follow a conversation by looking from one person to another.

The moment they start passing items back and forth between the two of you is the perfect time to begin saying “please” and “thank you” for them. As soon as they can speak a little, encourage them to repeat after you as you say it. “Excuse me”, “May I”, and “That’s very kind” can also be introduced around this age and continued until it becomes habitual.

The ages between two and five years are the ideal time to instill good manners. It is not only important that they see you do it and that they are encouraged, but it is also important that you stop and allow them the time to work past their reservations.
They may need a lot of encouragement to begin with but the new behaviour will soon become much more frequent.

Arranging ahead with another adult to demonstrate the mannerism you desire is a great tool. Children watch as you enact a good manner scenario and this helps children understand the entire process.

Consistency is critical

Demonstrating good manners and  discouraging the little one to emulate is a key factor in this process. Showing inappropriate and undesirable behaviour at this point will impress them deeply.

It is incredible what a profoundly positive effect good manners have on the child’s relationships in the future. We all dream of the day when everyone is kind worldwide, therefore, it is definitely well worth the effort!

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