Seven things you could get for free on an air trip

An air trip could be long, in addition to being rather expensive. Aside from the pay services offered by the airlines, there are other services that are totally free of charge. Here are 7 things you can always request on a plane without having to pay a cent for:

A look into the cockpit

once landing is completed, the pilot can show you around the cockpit upon a polite request. A good way to conclude your flight, especially for the smaller ones, isn’t it?

A second snack

If you ever skipped the first round of meals, you have the right to ask for a second snack. You should be served one within the limit of the remaining stocks.

A Medical kit

Each aircraft is equipped with a medical kit for first aid including injuries and pain. Be aware also that air stewards and stewardesses are empowered to give you first aid.

An alcoholic drink

Should you find yourself slightly stressed during the flight, you have a right to request a small glass of alcohol drink to help you out.

Cleaning Wipes

The on-board staff can give you cleaning wipes, especially for disinfecting tablets, armrests and the like.

A doctor

Like in movies, it is possible to ask whether there is a doctor among the passengers. In return, the doctor may receive benefits from the airline.

Accessories for a more enjoyable flight

The on-board staff can offer you something to make the flight more enjoyable, e.g. eye masks, toothbrushes or even colouring for the younger ones.

Going on an air trip soon? Feel free to request any of these from your attendant. Your trip is more fun now!

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