Making Back to School Routines A Breeze

In an ever changing world where information and influences are plentiful, a strong, clear and consistent bond between you and your child is essential, that is why it calls for the need to make back to school a routine. A big part of your relationship is discipline.

But where should one start? First, you need to ask yourself these three questions

  • Am I disciplining in a way that damages or teaches my child a life lesson?
  • Is my current and chosen form of discipline helping my child to develop self-control?
  • Is my current and chosen form of discipline creating a healthier, more balanced relationship between us that will last a lifetime?


  1. Prepare a snack menu

Chart a month’s worth of simple, nutritious snacks to take to school. Remember that pinwheel sandwiches and pizzas with elaborate vegetable faces are not easy to prepare at 5.00 a.m. It is brain food, not just presentation and beauty that children need in school.
Most pre-packaged snacks, such as biscuits and chips are loaded with sugar that decreases a child’s ability to concentrate and instead leaves him/her exhausted.
Freshly cut salads, rice dishes and fruit are easy to organize if the kitchen is stocked ahead of time and a menu is already decided.


  1. Prepare the night before, every single night

Mornings are chaotic to say the least, but if bags, sports clothes, homework and outfits are prepared the night before, it will avoid the early morning scramble for essentials at the very last minute.


  1. Make a schedule for the whole family

Download a free monthly calendar from the Internet that has a large grid to write in, print it, post it on the fridge and attach a pen to it as well.
This allows a central space on which to quickly jot down the family’s activities, parent teacher conferences, presentations, shows and events as the notices crop up. Add work requirements and home obligations.
Make a habit of looking at it in the evening; this will give everyone ample time to prepare ahead.


  1. Set a bed time routine

Follow the steps as accurately as possible. Meals should be completed at least 2 hours before bedtime to avoid indigestion, as this hinders a good night’s sleep. Keep the pre-bedtime hours’ calm and mellow, avoiding television and boisterous games. Children will soon recognize the pattern and begin to anticipate sleep time.

Most of all, a healthy routine is essential to a child’s development. I hope these tips help you as they have helped me


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