Dreaming big with Gold Shoes

Dreaming big with Gold Shoes

Antonio V. is an Italian craftsman who dreams big. He wants to sell 24-carat gold woven shoes. Antonio explains that the men’s line, ‘blue or black Suede Loafers with uppers in gold’ was born in 2016, “after eight months of studies and attempts”. The peculiarity of these shoes is that gold is not simply applied, it does not come as an accessory or a button. Rather, the gold, which comes in the form of small bands on these world first 24-carat gold shoes, is hand-woven. Gold is therefore an integral part of the shoe, it is stitched with leather, Antonio stresses. “The difficulty was to find a balance between the resistance of the gold and the flexibility of the shoe,” he notes, stressing that comfort is of utmost importance while having these shoes on: “If the shoe is too light, gold folds. If the shoe is too heavy, it hurts”. Each shoe, requiring 230 grams of gold, is a unique piece, bespoke with a complete 3D scan analysis of the foot. The shoes are sold up to 25,000 euros for the men’s collection and 30,000 for the women’s line, delivered by helicopter, and come in a padded black lacquered box. Antonio’s preferred target? The Arab States of the Persian Gulf.

Source: Daily Mail

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