African Art And Culture Development Company (AACD) African Market

African Art And Culture Development Company

African Market is the hub of authentic artefacts produced by artisans from across the African continent.
African Market (aka AACD) showcases over 24,000 exotic and modern African artefacts. Some of the items include sculptures, African fabrics and fashion, beads, paintings and fine arts, pottery and ceramic wears, leather crafts and antiques. There are collections of pyramids from Egypt, leather and bronze from Nigeria, raffia and copper from Zimbabwe, silver and basket from Niger and Ethiopia, Gold from Ghana and South Africa, bronze and calabash from Burkina Faso, all at affordable prices with flexible payment terms.

African Market is more of an institution than a market because it harnesses great minds to work in a congenial atmosphere needed to promote the art industry in Africa with the corporate objective of adding a touch of African sophistication to every home or office in the world.

A tour at the African Market Shopping Centre allows visitors to catch a glimpse of artisans weaving kente, undertaking carvings and bead-making works all within the same premises.

The coming into being of AACD in April 2001 enabled tourists, art collectors and the public to have a very safe and a reliable market to purchase their art and craft items and establish a reliable market for young talented African artists to sell their works at an easily recognized shop.

African Handicrafts evolved out of arts and craft concept with historical meanings linked with the way of life of indigenous people and their relationship with the environment, translating into the cultural heritage of producers.

The establishment of AACD in 2001 at Osu, Accra has become the rallying point for the conceptualization of African artefacts for the promotion of tourism in the country.

For that matter, AACD has spearheaded the artefacts concept into commercial values at the various district and regional levels by helping to create jobs for rural dwellers and artisans statistically at an average of 10 jobs created for every 2,000 dollars earned in the tourism industry.

The handicrafts sector in Ghana has the potential to contribute US 10 Million or more instead of US 4.27 million per annum earned in 2015, if given the requisite support, like Kenya, because Ghana and Africa abound in huge material and human resources to turn the artefacts concept into economic gains.

Governmental and public support has the potential of creating jobs for vast number of young people nationwide by projecting the one-district and one-factory concept initiated by the Government.

The road to the top-spot has not been easy, but achieved the long way by the company participating in several international art and craft fairs held in some parts of Europe, US, Africa and Ghana, and also organizing Gift Fairs since 2005 with the support of other exhibitors from Ghana and other African countries, to showcase collections of African artefacts.

African Market is greatly honoured to have four (4) of Ghana’s Presidents to champion the use of artefacts as gift items for the promotion of tourism in Ghana and the world at large.

Former President, J.J. Rawlings began the artefact agenda, when Christmas greeting cards depicting kente cloth with “ Gye Nyame” symbols, were produced for use by government officials and people of Ghana during the Ghana@40 celebrations.

Former President J.A. Kufuor presented a framed kente cloth to Oxford Union Society (Alma Mater) during Ghana@50 to promote the artefact industry. The late/ Former President Prof. J. E. Atta Mills presented the framed kente cloth to Former US President Barack Obama, during his visit to Ghana.

To cap it all, President Nana Addo Danquah Akufo-Addo presented African art pieces to visiting heads of states at Ghana@60 celebrations.

Mr. Stanley S. Felten, C.E.O. AACD African Market, Ghanaian artisans, and the artefact industry in general are most grateful for the President following the footsteps of past leaders to project the artefact concept by championing “Made in Ghana” products to effectively grow the handicrafts business.

African Market’s office has re-located to East Legon, next to A & C Shopping Mall to strategically bring the sales outlet close to the doorstep of expatriates, and target markets the convenient way.

To expand the scope of its business activities, AACD intends to collaborate with MPs, District Chief Executives, traditional leaders to identify the best handicrafts products inherent in their localities for them to gain physical space in African Market exhibition sites during planned fairs to promote GDP growth.

Artefacts provide immense health benefits to users, in terms of psycho-therapy, relieving stress, promoting mental alertness, while artisans exercise their mental faculties to soothe their nerves, promote longevity and reduce terminal diseases.

The company’s office has gained household name as cultural renaissance centre for schools, tourists, and individuals to learn African symbols and their meanings, kente weaving, beads-making, wood carvings, sculpture, etc. the unique way with African delicacies to make visitors stay memorable.

AACD is currently inviting all kinds of people to visit African Market to enjoy up to 60 percent discount on artefacts purchased.

AACD will be showcasing diverse collections of African artefacts at AU Day celebrations to promote African arts and culture.
Africans and Ghanaians in particular are being encouraged to use artefacts as gift hampers for their families, friends and associates during festive occasions or social activities to project the African identity.

The Government of Ghana together with stakeholders will require collective involvement with AACD and other producers and suppliers for necessary collaboration and funding to support the development of the artefacts industry in the country.
Patronizing artifact products will help citizens to contribute their quota towards sustaining the artists, manufacturers and suppliers towards tourism development in Ghana

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