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Hype Glow Party
2013-11-09 | 1154 views

Terrace Friday's @ Le Tandem

"Jean-Marie & Julie" Engagement Ceremonie

Yatch Club Casino now Open!

Ambassadors Dinner 2013

Ghana International Womens Club Sponsored Walk


Accra Brewery Ltd Past and Present

Accra Brewery Limited (ABL) was originally Overseas Breweries Limited, incorporated on 30th June 1931, for the purpose of establishing a brewing industry in the then Gold Coast...

Fith avenue opens At Movenpick Hotel

Fifth Avenue is a luxury distributor of international brands such as Breitling, Tag Heuer, Montblanc, Hublot; willing to be present in the Ghanaian market...

DA-VIVA Opens At Movenpick Hotel

Da Viva recently expanded operations from Oxford St to the luxury surroundings of the Movenpick Ambassador Hotel...

Who's Who?

The Ghana International women's Club holds
2011 Gala Night

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Issue N°87 - March 2014


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Celine Dion, a famous Aries


Céline comes from a large musical family - 14 kids in all. Her Aries Sun gives her the stre... [read more]

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